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Portable / RV Generators

Portable / RV Generators

Want the quietest RV generator on the market? Call us!

Whether you’re taking a camping trip, attending a tailgate, or going on a road trip, portable generators are invaluable for all of your power needs. Taking your power source with you will provide access to all the conveniences of modern life, no matter where you are or what you are doing. American Generators provides a variety of mobile power products, allowing you to power your RV or other outdoor equipment.

Take Convenient, Quiet Power Everywhere

Our portable and RV generators are suited for virtually any event. Their quiet operation makes them ideal for use in the woods, where even the slightest noise can disrupt the environment. On the other hand, if you are playing music in remote areas, our products provide more than enough power to turn the volume up and hear every note in crisp, clear detail. No matter where you need to go or what you intend to do, American Generators ensures you have the power you need.

Choosing the Right Generator for Your Needs

American Generators provides the full range of movable power sources. These include:
  • RV GeneratorsThese provide the same consistent power source for your mobile home as you would get in a stationary one.
  • Mobile GeneratorsDesigned for use at job sites and other locations far from the grid, our mobile generators include both Magnum and Blue Star units.
  • Portable GeneratorsThese units provide power in a range of different situations and locations. We carry portable products from Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, Generac, and CAT Home & Outdoor. All generators have an available manual or automatic transfer switch, which we are happy to install.
In addition to our main generator products, we also have experience with units made by Cummins, CAT Home & Outdoor, and a variety of other manufacturers.

Get the Best Deal on Portable and RV Generators

American Generators is committed to maximizing the value that our customers get from their purchases. This means providing quality portable generators at affordable prices, as well as offering a range of other services to maximize the longevity and effectiveness of those units. Our service team is always ready to troubleshoot, inspect, and repair your generator, allowing you to both address current problems and prevent future ones. We also provide rapid replacements if the generator you have now becomes seriously damaged or obsolete.

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