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Commercial / Industrial Generator Repair

The Fastest Response for Commercial & Industrial Generator Repair Services in Southeast Michigan and Beyond

Commercial Industrial Generator Repairs and Servicing

A commercial generator is a great backup plan, but even your backup plan can sometimes fail. Virtually all businesses need a constant power supply. Interrupt that power even momentarily and customers go elsewhere, workers go home, and equipment becomes useless. That’s why American Generators is committed to providing rapid repairs for all commercial & industrial generators. Repairs that let you keep your lights on and business humming no matter what happens to the grid.

We Offer the Fastest Response for Emergency Generator Repair

No business can wait to get their power supply back online, which is why the American Generators team responds to all service requests as quickly as possible. Our factory-trained certified technicians are available at all hours to take your calls, listen to your issues, and formulate a suitable response. No matter the hour, weather, or season, we will immediately dispatch a team to your business and get to the bottom of the problem. We will ensure that the generator is restored to full working order. Once your power is restored, we will offer detailed advice on how to care for the generator properly and avoid similar problems in the future.

We Repair All Makes and Models of Commercial & Industrial Generators

The American Generators repair team has extensive experience with all major types of generators. Whether your unit was made by Blue Star Power Systems, CAT Home & Outdoor, Kohler, Cummins, Briggs & Stratton, or Generac –  we have the expertise necessary to restore it to full working order. We work with all major variations of these brands, and can service both diesel and gasoline units.

Commercial Industrial Generator Repairs Southeast Michigan
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Load Bank Testing for Commercial & Industrial Generators

American Generators also offers essential load bank testing for Commercial and Industrial Generators. This is a series of important tests that push your generator to its limits to see how well it performs. If there is even the smallest problem, your generator might not only under-perform, but might even completely cut out during an emergency. American Generators’ expert technicians can run these comprehensive tests and fix any and all problems that could hinder your top-power output. Follow this link for more information on generator load bank testing.

We Repair All Makes and Models of Commercial & Industrial Generators

While our repair team is on the way, or as an alternative, we provide troubleshooting to help our clients identify the source of the problem on their own. With our aid, you can assess

  • Heater HealthA broken block heater will leave the oil in your generator too thick, creating service problems during cold months.
  • Radiator DamageBy detecting the signs of a broken radiator early on, you can limit heat damage to the generator.
  • Exhaust IssuesIf you notice low air quality around the generator, a damaged exhaust system may be the culprit.

Troubleshooting resolves generator problems more quickly by giving us a better idea of what to look for when we arrive.

Preventative maintenance agreements, the cornerstone of any generator service and maintenance program, will help ensure your generator will operate when you need it, help assure manufacturer warranty approval, and help to avoid costly repairs.

For more information on addressing commercial and industrial generator issues, load bank testing, or fast emergency service, contact American Generators today.

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