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Why Generator Maintenance Is Important

It doesn’t matter what kind of generator you own (residential, commercial, or industrial) a standby generator is one of the best investments a business or homeowner can make. Powerful enough to sustain entire facilities, these electrical generators are built to last; it’s not unusual for standby generators to last for 15 or 20 years or more. The key is how often the machine is put into service and how well it’s maintained.

There might be a tendency to skip the routine maintenance on a standby or backup generator, but that can be a big mistake, which defeats the entire reason you purchased a backup power source in the first place.

Without regular maintenance and testing, how can you be certain that the generator will start up and be able to provide the power you need the next time you need it? If you were concerned enough about being without power to buy a generator, then you should be diligent enough to also invest in a preventive maintenance plan for it.

Creating a Standby Generator Maintenance Plan

Not sure what kinds of maintenance are required on a machine you hardly ever use? American Generators Sales & Service can design a plan that best fits your needs and budget that ensures your investment is there to give you Peace of Mind that if and when the power goes out, your personal or professional life will not be affected.

American Generators start with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and modify the frequency as needed. Preventative maintenance schedules are usually based on engine hours and/or time periods.

The schedule you set should be based on your specific use patterns and needs. Depending on the frequency of power outages your standby system may require more aggressive maintenance plan. Keep in mind the environment, hot, humid, dusty, or very cold conditions may warrant special service. Create weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual checklists. Routine maintenance by an Authorized Factory Service Dealer will also help ensure any warranty repairs are covered.

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