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Home Generator Repair

Fast & Reliable Home Generator Repair Services in Southeast Michigan and Beyond

Home Generator repairs in Southeast Michigan

American Generators provides 24/7 emergency home generator repairs that keep your power on at all times. A broken home standby (residential) generator can literally leave you in the dark. If the main power source is already out and you lose your backup as well, you’ll be in a lot of trouble. Your heating and AC won’t work, all communications will be severely if not completely compromised, and important medical equipment will lie dormant. Losing access to any of these functions can threaten your health or even your life.

We Offer the Fastest Response for Emergency Home Generator Repair

When a generator fails during an emergency, time is of the essence. As soon as you call us, we will dispatch an expert team to your house to sort out the problem. Our factory-trained certified professionals are always standing by, ready to make repairs no matter the weather, date, or time of day. We are also happy to communicate with you until they arrive, providing advice and suggestions on how to restore or maintain your power.

We Repair All Makes and Models of Whole-Home Generators

The American Generators team does not limit itself to any particular brand of generator, but can repair all products that families have used. Our factory-trained certified professionals have experience with both gasoline and diesel engines. They have also studied all the major brands, including Cummins, Briggs Stratton, CAT Home & Outdoor, Kohler, and Generac – Michigan families can rest assured that we will be able to repair their power source.

Home Generator repairs in Southeast Michigan

Troubleshooting Common Generator Problems

American Generators can provide you expert knowledge to help troubleshoot problems with your backup power system, if they arise. This small guide can help you in identifying common causes of faulty generation, including:

  • Excessive HeatIf your generator becomes inordinately hot while operating, there may be a problem with the radiator. It is important to address this problem early on, as overheating can seriously damage the unit in the long run.
  • Thick OilGenerators that have trouble operating under cold conditions may have broken block heaters, which are responsible for warming the oil. Oil thickens as it grows colder, making it harder to start the engine and wearing it down when it does get going.
  • Air QualityPoor air quality around your generator suggests that there is a problem with the exhaust system. Fixing this is essential not only for your health, but also to keep the engine operating efficiently.

Troubleshooting resolves generator problems more quickly by giving us a better idea of what to look for when we arrive. 

Preventative maintenance agreements, the cornerstone of any generator service and maintenance program, will help ensure your generator will operate when you need it, help assure manufacturer warranty approval, and help to avoid costly repairs.

To dispatch a fast emergency response technician to your home that will get your generator to full working condition, contact American Generators today.

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