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Commercial / Industrial Generator Sales

Prevent Downtime at Your Business with Professional Installations and Emergency Repairs for Commercial and Industrial Generators

Is your business protected with a commercial or industrial generator? Power outages can lead to lost revenue, spoiled goods, data loss, and countless other problems that can hurt your business’s bottom line. Partnering with American Generators provides you with the professional installation, ongoing maintenance, and prompt emergency repairs you need to never lose power again! We carry the latest brand-name models from the top generator manufacturers and have highly experienced and certified technicians on staff to give you the premium service you deserve.

Keep Your Business Open in an Outage With Commercial Generator Installation in Southeast Michigan and Beyond

The key to success in any business is to plan ahead. The better you identify and prepare for potential problems, the less your business will suffer from them – and no problem is more serious than power loss! American Generators provides a crucial source of backup power to businesses.  With our aid, proactive managers can keep their companies running no matter what happens to the grid.

The Benefits of Backup Power Generators

Having a commercial or industrial generator as a backup power system is critical for keeping customers happy, employees working, and equipment running smoothly under extreme conditions. Without it, your business is vulnerable to:

Utilities often struggle to meet their customers’ demand, especially in large cities and at times when power usage is high. If your provider makes a mistake or the system becomes overloaded, your business could lose power with no warning. A generator will keep your firm running until the problem has been corrected.

Many grids rely on obsolete electrical equipment that cannot meet modern demand, and thus frequently fail. It takes time to replace such equipment; a generator will keep your business running while you wait.

Snowstorms, hurricanes, and other natural calamities can knock down power lines, freeze equipment, and deny power to thousands of people. A generator is particularly crucial under these conditions, as you need electricity to insulate your business from the weather.

No business can survive without planning for disastrous events, and no disaster plan is complete without a generator.

Why Choose American Generators?

American Generators strives to maximize speed, quality, and affordability in all our services. We offer the most advanced equipment, installing it quickly without cutting corners or overcharging you. Once we’ve installed a generator, we will provide troubleshooting and maintenance service to keep it in good condition.

Choosing the Right Generator for Your Business

We take into account your price range, power needs, fuel sources, and other considerations when installing a generator. Our goal is to provide a backup power source that will meet your full demand without creating any operation issues.

We Install the Leading Brands of Commercial & Industrial Generators

American Generators carries all major brands of commercial generators, and our team has extensive experience installing them. These brands include Blue Star, CAT Home & Outdoor, Cummins, Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, and Generac – new units as well as replacements – Michigan businesses will therefore have no trouble obtaining the generators they need for any emergency.

In addition, preventative maintenance agreements, the cornerstone of any generator service and maintenance program, will help ensure your generator will operate when you need it, help assure manufacturer warranty approval, and help to avoid costly repairs.

For more information on backup power for your Southeast Michigan business, contact American Generators today to get in touch with an expert.

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